Spade Queen Of Hearts kayak

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After our successful Black Jack and Royal Flush models, we now wanted to build a boat that would make the full performance of these two designs accessible to the featherweights among us. With a width of 62cm, a length of 250cm and a volume of approx. 245 liters, the Queen Of Hearts brings light paddlers and youngsters between 35 and 70kg the driving fun that we love so much about Black Jack and Royal Flush. A low coaming edge and the slim line enable quick edge changes and the implementation of a solid stroke technique. The balanced waterline and decent bow rocker ensure the optimal balance of speed, directional stability and maneuverability. The nose always stays dry! Whether on the Upper Isar, a cruise on the Soca, or to plunge into Piedmont. The Queen of Hearts has been washed with all waters.

When fitting out the boat, we focussed consistently on ergonomics and weight optimisation: Thanks to the smart design of parts, we have created a sturdy cockpit for a direct and ergonomic interface between the paddler and the boat’s hull. The footrest, thigh braces, seat, hip pads and backrest are all tailored to the ergonomics of a paddler for an untiring day on the river.

Our fully integrated seat-rail-tower combo enables ergonomic seating over long periods on the water. The tower supports the cockpit area in pinned situations and over large drops. It also can be used as an emergency step for a safe exit in critical situations.