Kayak Cévennes

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KAYAK CÉVENNES is a guidebook which plunges you into the heart of the gorges and the valleys of the Cevennes. 
In addition to the "classic" runs (haut Tarn, Dourbie, haute Ardèche, Fontaulière, Bourges), it also explores other rarely described and relatively unknown sections. KAYAK CÉVENNES describes 44 rivers from grade 3 to 6, that is to say more than 60 sections, and five freestyle playspots. 
For each section, KAYAK CÉVENNES gives the directions, length, time, remoteness, grade, committment, elevation lost, paddling season, gauge, hazards, playboating potential, detailed description, alternative nearby rivers, emergency services and accommodation addresses. 
KAYAK CÉVENNES also gives you put-in and take-out GPS waypoints. And you’ll find river-running advice andwhitewater safety information too.