Aquapac Large VHF Classic 248

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waterproof bag for VHF
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Chances are when you need your VHF radio it's not going to be dry and sunny. That's why Aquapac built their Large VHF Classic. Ideal for mariners of all types. Protect your safety tool. Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps out the dust and sand Use your handset normally in the case - sound passes straight through the case material while your radio remains safe. Airtight seal means the radio will float safely if dropped in the water. Suited for both left and right hand control. Fits VHF radios that are 8.7" tall with a circumference of 8.7" and an approximately 5" antenna. Fits approximately 15" total length, including handset and antenna. This large case is good for satellite phones and VHFs with long antennas All Aquapac waterproof cases are PVC-Free! Now made from Polyurethane (PU) - 100% recyclable, thinner, stays flexible when it's cold, easier to operate equipment inside the cases. Size: 8.7" tall (body only) x 8.7" circumference Material: Polyurethane Closure System: Aqua Clip® Guaranteed waterproof to 15ft/5m Adjustable Detachable neck cord and carabineer