Astral Hiyak Water Boot

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  • Astral Hiyak Water Boot
Good Ankle Support with a Grippy Sole


This is ASTRAL’s hardiest kayak-specific shoe to date. It offers ground-conforming stability, excellent foot protection and insulation without neoprene. The result is a lighter, more durable, and faster drying water-boot with phenomenal gripping powers. All Astral shoes have a special relationship with water. Every component, from the thread to the laces are critically evaluated and chosen for its ability to hold up after constant soaking, shed water, and not accumulate funk. Many models have engineered drainage for water to come out while minimizing entry of silt. Thin rubber allows excellent flexibility and sensory feedback for heightened grip and balance. Maximized surface area for high friction on smooth surfaces. Divided lugs for substantial grip on loose dirt Razor Siping maximizes edges that bite into surfaces upon flexion