Exo Helixir XS Kids Kayak

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New Weapon for the Freestyle Rippers
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The Helixir XS is not just a crazily adorable boat, but a true freestyle weapon based in our World Championships winning shapes: The Helixir 2018. This tinny beast embodies all the distinguishing features of a Guigui shape; a balanced design that performs well in holes and waves alike, slicy ends to cut through the water like butter, some serious volume around the cockpit to get you flying and a top-end hull design and rocker profile that has no match in terms of speed and surf experience. The shape will perform equally well for those of you who are doing your first surfs and for those EWWS paddlers pushing forward the boundaries of the sport. Paddler range: 35 / 50kg Size: 158.5 x 59.5 x 30.5 cm Volume: 159L Weight: 11kg Contact us to confirm colour availability.