Handirack Inflatable Roof-rack

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The World's First Inflatable Roof-Rack


The ever so handy HandiRack.... Need additional load carrying capacity? Prefer a solution that is simple, convenient & portable? Looking for a system that is interchangeable between cars? Fed-up with the inflexibility & cost of normal roof bars? The amazingly versatile and truly unique HandiRack provides all the benefits of a traditional rack system, but with none of the shortcomings. A HandiRack is simple to use and takes no time to fit. In only a matter of minutes you will be on your way to discovering a hassle free means to transport anything from a kayak to flat-pack furniture from IKEA! The HandiRack fits 4-door & 2-door cars and can carry loads of up to 80kg Colm Says: "Great for hire cars or short trips to/from the beach/lake/river."