Islander Jive Kayak

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  • ISL-JIVE-10.5
Versatile Cross Over Touring Kayak


A classic, ideal for exploring inland waterways and calm coastal routes. The smooth rounded hull has a keel and adjustable skeg to help keep you paddling straight. With plenty of storage it's great for full days on the water. Features include: • Integral moulded seat • Knee/thigh pads • Drop-down skeg • Large oval domed rear hatch • Mini-cell foam sealed bulkhead • Etha foam pillar buoyancy • Universal seat pad • Adjustable Universal backrest • SlideLock footbrace • Deck elastics length 3.23 m width 0.67 m weight 20 kg sugg. wt. limit 110 kg Aqua/Granite colour Materials: EXL™ super-linear high density Polyethylene