Jackson Rockstar 3

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  • JK-R/STAR-M-2014


NEW 2014 Outfitting & Go Pro Mount. Super Linear Model only available. Happy Feet included. What makes all new Rock Star so special? All New Shape makes Hole, Wave, and Flatwater Tricks easier. Improved materials selections makes the boat stiffer, lighter, and more durable. New outfitting and ergonomics gives the paddler more control and comfort. Here is how we did it: 1″ shorter than our last Rock Star, but fits the same size person and handles the same body weight. Rotational speed is increase and drag on the ends, either wave or hole, are reduced. Moves start and complete easier, the boat is WAY more retentive than our previous model. Whitewater parks and shallow water play is more fun and the ends stay off the bottom better. Slicier Shape and improved volume distribution Lighter weight paddlers are rewarded with much easier to initiate bow and stern, allowing them to boss the boat around. Everyone will find all vertical moves much easier to initiate. Maneuvering around in a hole or on a wave feels effortless Improved Rocker Profile Shorter, but faster- absolutely- we did it again- this is a speed demon on a wave! New Bow rocker profile (more rocker- starts earlier) allows for easy reverse takeoffs, easy back blasting in holes, and landings without stressing about catching your stern. Narrower Hull makes “edge to edge” transfers snappy, lower energy to initiate, and makes getting aerial on a wave much easier, and bigger than even our 2013 All-Star. New “Hip Locker” hip pads have a plastic sheet next to the hip pad that keeps the shape intact and prevents “packing out” and losing the hook. The hip pads move with the seat now and have a better over the hip hook as well as better high load support. Paddle more confidently, stay secure in your seat New Sweet Cheeks 200 includes more beans and we eliminated the foam layer, making them lighter and contour better. Create the ultimate bucket seat for boat control and comfort, while controlling your seating height easily with enough beans and “overflow” areas to adjust up to 1.5″ in height up or down without having to add or take away foam. New Knee/Thigh area design- tighter knee pockets and more thigh contact area to provide a super solid feel for throwing hard on edge, upside down, etc.. Full contact on the outside of your knee to keep your leg from “dropping” to the side. Femur angle is matched in deck for ideal/ seating height, but allows for a large amount of variance for those who want to sit higher or lower. 8″ of leg contact with up to 2″ of height change assures that you can be in control and comfortable. Increased “hook” or positive inside leg angle on thigh hook/deck area improves control and confidence when pulling inwards on legs, without adding heavy, hard to use bolt on thigh braces. Happy Feet Footbag is standard issue deleted “Large” infinitely adjustable like the sweet cheeks- you can get your foot size, shape, and desired foot position locked into them in about 60 seconds. Increased bean count and bag size assures that you can make a solid shape that stays put indefinitely(please watch the “JK University” tutorial on using the Happy Feet!) Adjust your seating position forward and aft by tightening the Happy Feet up or loosening while in the eddy Improved Sure-Loc Backband Size and Shape New cut of the backband works perfectly for the very aggressive movements of a freestyle kayak Backband moves with your body with no pinching, or back stress. “Back in Black” outfitting looks good over time, doesn’t show dirt, and is made of the most durable materials we can find. 2-3 pounds lighter than most currently marketed play boats- A joy to pick up and carry and load Every move feels effortless in comparison to heavier boats. More retentive for staying on a wave or in the hole. Moves are snappier, making the easier, more fun, and more impressive to watch. Higher density and stiffer plastic hull provides even more shape retention and performance in a lighter shell. Stiffer welded in hull Support Track Better shape retention Improves Wave surfing speed, looseness, and retentiveness Go bigger on waves with better energy transfer Better Body to Boat interface for control and comfort over past Rock Star