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The Wanderer is the helmet in the Sweet Protection range that offers the ultimate balance of protection, value and fit.  It was first introduced in 2008 and for a time was overlooked by paddlers in preference to the ever popular Rocker and Strutter. However, the Wanderer has passed the test of time and having seen several small revisions should now be viewed as your perfect partner as a single helmet purchase for all-round river use.

When you think of the Wanderer your first thoughts should be:

  • All-round river helmet
  • Direct Ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Occigrip


ABS Thermoplastic Shell - Sweet Protection's injection molded ABS Thermoplastic Shell is very impact resistant through its special rubber toughened construction. The shell is molded with extreme precision to offer the best performance to weight ratio.

Occigrip Adjustment - Makes the helmet easily adjustable with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. Adjustable in both reach and height.

CoolMax Liner - A stitched, full covering liner made from the anti-allergenic and moisture wicking Coolmax material. It provides great comfort in a wide range of temperatures.

Direct Ventilation - Keeps your head cool. The number of vents and their configuration varies. The more vents, the cooler you will be.

WEIGHT - 550g (M/L)


FITTING ADVICE - To find the right size, wrap a measuring tape around the head, just above the ears and eyebrows. Try to keep it level front to back. Once you have your measurement, you can use the chart above as a guide. Keep in mind that all Sweet Protection helmets have adjustment systems and are delivered with fit pads to ensure the perfect fit.

S/M - 53-56cm

M/L - 56-59cm

L/XL - 59-61cm