Pyranha Surfjet 2.0 Sit On Top Kayak

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The SurfJet 2.0 is a family fun kayak; a surf machine; a swimming platform; an all-round gateway to adventure. Whether you're spending some time on the coast and want to explore rock pools and ride the surf, or you're unwinding inland and are looking for adventures on lakes and rivers, we guarantee the SurfJet 2.0 will put a smile on your face. Not All Sit-on-Tops are Created Equal Don't sell your adventures short by buying a cheaply produced emulation of a tired, old design; get into the sport at the cutting edge with a SurfJet 2.0 and set yourself up for years of adventures to come, with the ability to make the most of every second of them. The SurfJet 2.0 Has a Range of Optional extras (SOLD SEPARATELY) to Suit Your Unique Adventures: Surf-Zone Backstrap Deluxe Padded Seat with High Backrest Surf-Zone Thigh Control Straps Portage Wheel One-Way Drainage Vent Plugs Fish-on-Top Kit (including Flush Mount Rod Holder and Tackle Box) Paddle Park Pod Hatch