Soul Funky Monkey - Full Spec

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Full Spec Crossover boats are all the rage, and for good reason - they make those “everyday” creek runs a whole lot of fun. You know, that creek where you know every rock, every eddy, every drop, and can run it backwards blind folded. That's where these new boats excel, because they take something thats become mundane, and they turn it into your personal little playground. And on big water runs… hoooweee, is this a load of fun! We’ve taken this crossover idea to the next level. We wanted our boat to be really fast so you can zoom all over the place like a fireball. It's a little longer than some of the other comparable boats out there, and a little more “balanced” when it comes to bow and stern volume: after all you’re not going to run the hardest mankiest class 5+ in this, so you might as well be able to throw some ends or a giant pirouette now and then for good measure. The hull is flat with softened “hard” rails so you can surf and spin this like a top, but still be manageable on steep creeks. Loads of rocker rides the boat up and over everything, which combined with the “Plug Fluffer”, an inspired design innovation that breaks the surface tension of the water on the bow deck, releasing it for rapid resurfacing, and the “Trunk Junk” behind you, that catches flow exiting the base of the drop propelling you forwards and away, you can paddle with ease and certainty even if this has less overall volume than your daily creeker.