Tahe Ouassou Sit On Top - With Paddle

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Excellent Starter Sit On Top
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The Ouassou is designed as a versatile, fun sit on top kayak with a wide range of use. With its excellent glide, control and manoeuvrability, the Ouassou is ideal for beach fun. Also, the stern handles let you hang on and swim and also allow easy access on board. The Ouassou also handles surf and waves comfortably. The "spatula" shaped hull is derived from surf longboards and rodeo kayaks. It's quick and responsive. nThe slight keel and lateral rail design provide directional stability and excellent tracking. The Ouassou's optional knee-strap system also allows you to secure your body to the cockpit when you are looking for greater control in waves or whitewater. Its compact form and light weight make this a sit on top kayak that is easy to maneuver, transport and store