Venture Ranger 149 Canoe

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The Swiss Army Knife of the Venture range of open canoes; the Ranger 149 will do whatever you ask of it, whether that’s whitewater exploration, lake based adventures or anything in-between. The Ranger 149 boasts a predictable and compact design that’s easy to handle, making it ideal for beginners or those just wanting to keep things simple, and a relatively flat hull provides a super stable platform that’s perfect for fishing, bird watching or nature photography. Whether you want a canoe that two children can paddle on a family adventure, or the ideal craft for a solo mission to find peace and quiet, look no further than the Ranger 149 for anything from day trips to overnight expeditions. CoreLite Construction CoreLite is a three layer construction that gives an exceptional Weight-to-Rigidity ratio, taking advantage of the fact that only the outer layers of the material are required to bear compressive and tensile forces by using a lighter, rigid foam inner layer; this foam core has the added benefit of giving the whole canoe enough inherent buoyancy to keep it at the waterline in the event of swamping. The HDPE used for the outer layers is both highly durable and readily repairable. Compact Design Easy to handle on and off the water. Supremely Stable Hull For bird watching, fishing or photography. Low Profile Design Performs well in windy conditions. Solo or Two Ideal for solo use or two smaller paddlers. Carrying Capacity Enough carrying capacity for overnight trips. Length 450cm Width 90cm Depth Centre 37cm Rocker Moderate Weight 35kg Carrying Capacity 350kg