Waka OG Kayak

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Waka's Newest Creek Machine


Description: The new Waka OG Whitewater Kayak is a redesign of the original Tuna. With increased bow rocker, lighter outfitting, and improved deck design, the OG is ready for the most extreme creeks. You’ll enjoy the fast and aggressive edges, super easy boofing, and that silky smooth feeling of skipping out and away from river features. Currently being paddled by the worlds best, this boat is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a kayak. Features: Hull Material: Roto-moulded plastic Seat: Roto-moulded plastic padded seat Seat Adjustment: Seat adjusts forward and back Hip Pads: Highly customisable closed cell foam padding held by an elastic pouch Thigh Braces: Built into the hull for lighter weight, less parts, and a more aggressive hold (easily trimmed back with a knife to your personal preference) Back Band: Comfortable padded back-band with two ratchet and ladder tensioners and height adjustment bungees Foot Block: Fully adjustable length with four hand operated wing nuts Attachment Points: 5 Gear Attachment: Clip in loops behind seat for dry bags etc. plus bungee throw-bag holster between legs for quick access Pillars: Heavy duty foam pillars front and back for structure, safety and flotation Specs: Length: 265cm Width: 68cm Recommended Paddler Weight: 70-110kg Volume: 370 litres Best Use: Creeking, River Running