Waka Tuna 2.0

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The Iconic Tuna just made better 2.0


The iconic, Tuna's replacement is here! Here's what Sam Sutton had to say about the new design: "Our main goal when we made this new boat was to improve the things we didn’t like about the Tuna and make something that will be lighter and faster to assemble to fix our production issues we have had from day one. The main changes that were made to the hull was Rounded the nose rails, this has made it much better when paddling straight down the river and not getting pushed on the nose and trying to go straight, it was also hoping to lessen the impact when dropping waterfalls and it feels much nicer to stomp the nose. The rocker is a bit more even and now the boat planes much nicer out of drops it holds it speed. It will be 3cm longer than the original.