Whetman equipment Anaconda

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The Anaconda is a 3 metre length of webbing with a steel ring on one end and a 25mm loop on the other. Use - A 3m tow - Raft flip line - Short reach rescue - A quick release deck tow; combined with a Deck Mounted QR Tow (separate product) An original Whetman Equipment product. Made in the UK. Patent Pending. The Anaconda combined with the Deck Mounted QR Tow (QR Tow separate product) It is ideal for chasing loose boats and retrieving them back to the bank or ferry gliding across to be reunited with their owner. The rescuer has the assurance that the quick release will detach his boat from the tow with a minimal amount of pulling force, such that would exist in a floating towed boat. Grab the yellow tail and pull to release the cam buckle. Let go of the tail and it will feed through the buckle even if there is only a slight pull from the red webbing. The ring will slide off the yellow webbing & disconnect the rescuer from the tow. Training & Practise Towing on water is hazardous, even more so on swiftwater. Only competent users are advised to deploy the Anaconda system. As with all water rescue devices, you must first be trained in its use and be trained to judge when & where to use it. Practise in its use is essential to become competent and only experience will bring good judgement. Do not deploy a tow if you are not fully confident in the water ahead of you that you intend to tow in.