HF Dry Skirt Chilli

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  • Manufacturer
  • HF
  • Model
  • HF-DRY
€139.00 125.10


  • Material plate: extra thick, fine-cell 4mm multistretch neoprene with CrossTex lamination. To further increase the resistance, the side edges are equipped with an aramid reinforcement
  • Material chimney: 4mm Multistretch neoprene
  • Latex coating on the underside of the plate for best grip on the hatch and excellent waterproofing
  • Neoprene seams are glued and blind stitched
  • Coaming rubber: 9,5mm (strong, for PE kayaks)
  • Large front loop for easy opening
  • Knee strap for quick emergency exit (with clamp cover buckle!)
  • Pre-ruffled cut (better hold, less wear)
  • Reflective logo print