Hiko Air.4 Repair Kit Small

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A hole in your drysuit won't stop you anymore. You can handle this repair kit yourself, easily and quickly. All you need is an iron and a piece of flat surface. In no time, your drysuit is 100% dry again and ready for the elements in full force.

In addition, the set can be used to repair any product made of Air4 material.

In the set you will find:
5 x small round bottom patches for repairing small punctures
2 x large rectangular and ...
2 x large round bottom patches for larger holes or many small ones
2 x large top patches in the color of clothing to strengthen the bottom patch for larger holes
1 x baking paper to protect the membrane from burning

Each patch can be easily adjusted in shape and size using scissors.

Before you start the repair, watch the instructional video.