Hiko Nimue Air 4 Women Dry Top

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Nimue is designed to transform the heaviest whitetwater into dance with waves. Lacking nothing on the Paladin dry top, Nimue embrces the shape of women's body to offer maximum freedom of movement in most streamlined silhouette. 
range of motion
+ Latex wrist and neck gaskets are protected by longer neoprene
cuffs and high neoprene collar
+ Ergonomically designed for female paddlers
+ A double tunnel waistband is equipped with Microskin - neoprene with adhesive finish for maximum seal betweent the tunnel of your skirt and the dry top. 
+ Equipped with our "Double Pull" system where pulling forward on
the waist tabs simultaneously tightens the front and back and is
then secured via hook-and-loop on the front for a perfect fit
+ Made from Air4 - breathable material with extreme durability
+ Reinforced with cordura in key areas to increase the durability in
critical areas