Hiko Rogue Ion Semi-Dry Cag

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As you progess and the whitewater becomes a little "whiter" ROGUE is the perfect progession step. What sets ROGUE appart from more agressive whitwater tops is the neck gasket and the material.
+ The neck neoprene has a band of latex finish to provide a dryer seal and is further adjustable for tightness via a bungee drawcord. Thanks to single neoprene layer it is very easy to pull over your head.
+ ION is a new 2-layer material the successes the MF material used on the previous version. It is softer on touch but extremely durable and comfortable to wear.
+ A double tunnel waistband to provide a tight seal against your skirt.
+ Equipped with our "Double Pull" system where pulling forward on the waist tabs simultaneously tightens the front and back and is then secured via hook-and-loop on the front for a perfect fit