Riot Thunder 65

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Point the Thunder upstream with its beveled edges and flat, shallow hull will make any ferry effortless; point it downstream and all that speed makes it punch through everything smoothly. Just like a reversible switch, the Thunder will adapt to the the current’s energy.  The Thunder is available in two sizes to fit different sized paddlers:  Thunder 65 & 76. 

Stand out Features :

  • Drytech 
  • Unity seating system (powerseat compatible)
  • Suregrip thighbraces
  • Adjustable creek footbrace
  • Front and rear floatation bags
  • Security bar


Length 7’8” (2.34m)
Width 26” (64.8cm)
Weight 47.9 lbs (21.77kg)
Max Displacement 33.9x18.1” (86x46cm)
Volume 65 US gal (246L)
Paddler Weight range 110lbs-180lbs (50kg - 82 kg)
Béluga Skirt size Large