Stormoprene 2-part Contact Adhesive

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Stormoprene Hypalon Adhesive is a specially formulated 2-part poly-chloroprene based adhesive system for high-performance bonding of Hypalon and other natural and synthetic rubber surfaces that require high strength bonds for use in demanding applications.

Formulated for use in the manufacture and repair of RIBs, inflatable boats, liferafts, diving suits, wet suits and other marine and industrial applications that specify resistance to salt water, oil, fuels etc. 

  • Easy to mix two part system supplied with Activator/curing agent.
  • Easy to apply by brush or roller.
  • Contact bonds in 10-15 minutes, full cure 48 hours.
  • Shelf life: 3-12 months unopened tin, mixed adhesive has pot life of 3-4 hours

You can use just the glue (as a single component glue) on many fabrics, but the activator must be mixed with the adhesive when used to stick Hypalon fabric.