ThreeWaves ear plugs custom moulded

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With this earplug kit made of high-quality 2-component wetting silicone material, you can make custom earplugs / ear protectors for water sports in just a few minutes that fit precisely, are permanently elastic and very comfortable to wear. And all this at a fraction of the cost of earmoulds from a hearing aid acoustician. Simply mix the silicone material supplied, shape the inner ear with its occlusion zones with it and wait for the cross-linking process (approx. 8 min). Done!

The manufacturing process in 4 steps

Three Waves custom moulded Ear Plugs

The kit consists of two equal quantities of high-quality plasticine silicone material (blue/white), detailed illustrated manufacturing instructions in German and English, a shatterproof storage box made of PP with a tied-on lid for pressure-free and safe transport of the finished earplugs, e.. E.g. in the life jacket and our threeWaves sticker.

The silicone material used is optimally adapted to water sports and thus creates optimum protection conditions for the sports areas of kayaking, freestyle, SUP, kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, swimming and all other water sports where protection against water penetration and cooling of the auditory canal is advantageous.