Venture Kayaks Islay Cruiser

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An extra-large, ultra-easy access cockpit and updated styling paired with the refined performance of the Islay hull means that the Islay Cruiser suits its name as comfortably as it suits you.

Hop in, lower yourself into the spacious cockpit using the grab handle, and settle in for adventure in the luxuriously padded seat; the access and outfitting aren't the only things comfortable about the Islay Cruiser though, ample stability will keep you focused on the sights and sounds around you, whilst great straight line tracking, easy manoeuvrability, and a highly efficient hull all combine for comfortable, almost effortless performance.

Choose This Kayak For:

  • Smile-inducing stability and performance.
  • The easy access and all-day comfort of a spacious cockpit.
  • A kayak which defines Venture Value; great design and build quality, without the weight or expense of gimmicks.


Size One Size
Length 378cm
Width 67cm
Weight (MZ3) 25kg
Max Paddler Weight