Whetman Python 5m River Sling

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The Python is a 5m length webbing sling designed specifically for river rescue applications. 

The Python has a ring on one end and an open loop to receive karabiners on the other. It has a breaking strength in excess of 10kN.

Python 5m which has a 6mm stainless steel ring and has yellow webbing.

The benefit of the ring is that it can often replace the need for a karabiner which are a scarce resource on the river.

The Python has a diverse number of uses.
  • It can work as an anchor in hauling, lowering boats & traversing the river.
  • The benefit of the ring being it can often replace a karabiner and receive other lines or webbing.
  • ​On the river karabiners are always in short supply and the rings can be invaluable to save karabiners for other tasks.
  • The ring can also be used as a pulley to create a Pig Rig when combined with two Pythons and two Ring Pull Prussiks - see below .
  • The Python can be a cowstail extension for work positioning a throwline deployment or belayer.
  • ​Very handy for portaging over rough ground & large boulders to haul & lower boats.
  • Short reach rescue: hold the ring in one hand and flick the coil out to reach to a close by swimmer. The rings acts as a stopper.
  • Raft Guide Flip Line: Used with a krab, clip the krab onto the gunnel line, throw the ring end of the Python over the upturned raft, grab it the other side, climb up & flip.