WRS Int Water Rescue Raft 3.6m

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  • WARRPU3.6M
PU Hull
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Features Extra wide side tubes for added stability and capacity - The Raft 360 is fitted with stable 48cm diameter side tubes making it an ideal platform for rescue. 2 x Removable central thwarts - The option to remove central thwarts gives rescuers options with the transportation of victims; when fully removed a stretcher victim is held in the bottom of the raft with a low centre of gravity. Available in self bailing or non bailing for flood evacuation - As standard all rafts come with self bailing floors, for swift water operations. Over pressured release valves - All chambers are fitted with over pressure valves as standard providing protection against over inflation and air expansion in chambers. Rated for 5 passengers - The Raft is able to safely transport 5 people or 700kg Fully inflatable I beam floor - The Raft 360 is fitted with the I-Beam floor as it offers a safe floor option, eliminating the foot entrapment dangers that come with drop-thread floors commonly used in Rafts. Heavy Duty PU Hull Dimensions Length - 360cm Width - 180 cm. Tube width - 48cm Thwarts - 2 Capacity - 5 people - 700kg Weight - 55 kg