Zegul Arrow Bara PE sea kayak

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Zegul Bara PE is a plastic version of the Zegul Bara. Zegul Bara is a brand new midsized sea kayak that has been missing in the Arrow range. This sea kayak can handle rough water and longer distances. It has good carrying capacity, is easily maneuverable and has a more solid platform. This model fits exactly in between of Nuka GT and Empower. It is designed keeping roomy cockpit in mind. The kayak suits well for a wide range of paddlers who need a high performance touring & expedition kayak. Several storage compartments allow You to load up all Your gear and the day hatch keeps Your essentials close while on the water. FEATURES Material PE PCS No Length 525,6 cm (17’2’’) Width 53,5 cm (21″)55,6 cm (22’’) volume No Capacity Approx 150 kg (331 lbs) Cockpit 84,4 × 44,4 cm (33¼’‘ × 17½’‘) Weight PE 32–34 kg (70-74 lbs) Storage: Front 24 cm (10″) Storage: Rear 44 x 26 cm (17″ x 10¼”) Storage: Day hatch 20 cm (8″) Storage: Mini-box 15 cm (6″) Rudder/SKEG Skeg Purpose touring/expeditions Sprayskirt size L: 87.5 x 51.5 cm (34½" x 20½")